Welcome to this little page about my grandma Frieda Erna Margarete Janke, born as Zickuhr on the 25th of December 1912 in the city of Neustettin - Pomerania. After she perished some months ago, I did receive some old documents about her family tree. So if you are hoping to find information about those listed names and locations you might take a look at “Abstammung” in the menu to the left.

A photo gallery you might find at Fotos

If you think there might be a chance to connect your family tree with this Zickuhr / Janke Family, feel free to drop an email to:

klingeling (at) frieda-janke.de

I’m sorry. I can’t answer questions about other families of that region, other family members, dead or alive, of those who are named, other locations than the ones in the documents and family tree. As Frieda Janke doesn’t live anymore this is all of information I’m able to provide.

Thank you

Ralf Fitzner
Webmaster of Frieda-Janke.de

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About Mrs Frieda Janke, maiden name Zickuhr, of Neustettin

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